So apparently having a blog is important when selling online. It gives you web presence. I'm not one to talk about myself and terrible when it comes to showing off my work on social media. And writing a blog just overwhelms me. 

So I figured I'd start my first post talking about new beginnings. I started selling on Etsy about 10 years ago. I had dabbled on ebay selling $5.00 earrings and not getting anywhere. I discovered Etsy and debated whether I wanted to try it. Believe it or not I was a little scared of actually selling stuff. It made me very nervous.

But I jumped in and gave it a shot. Oh my. I didn't sell much the first year. I wasn't sure what to expect and was only hoping to sell a few things here and there. But I got the bug and wanted more. I wanted a full time online business. The problem was that I was hardly selling anything.

After that first year trying to sell my mediocre jewelry I pretty much gave up. I shut it down. That was pretty depressing. My whole life I wanted to make things and sell them. I didn't want a "regular job". I wanted to be an artist.

So after a few weeks I said screw it, I'm not giving up. I had learned about running a small business from my years working, and I knew I could do it. I researched. I sketched out new desings, I learned new techniques. I knew my jewelry wasn't good enough, the photos weren't good enough. I had to step it up.

Slowly I began making more sales and getting some momentum going. It was really up and down for a while. I'd get a few sales in a row then I'd go weeks with nothing. It can be very discouraging because it's such a roller coaster. 

I had been working part time at a garden center and had the idea that I would continue working there and do etsy on the side. A perfect plan! Except I got laid off. Oh crap, now what.

That's when I started my other shop on etsy selling handmade findings for jewelry. This was it. It's all or nothing now. I have to make this work or it's going back to work for someone else.

I think it was sheer determination that kept me going. That, and my husband reminding me that if this doesn't work I'll have to find a job. Between my two etsy shops and selling in person, I was finally able to do this full time. 

I'm still researching, designing and working on new ideas. I love trying out new things and keeping things current and fresh. I think that is one thing that has helped me be successful. Adaptability.

It can be intimidating starting at the bottom. You just have to work through it and stay confident. Keep your eye on the prize and never stop trying new things. Everyone starts at zero.